What is tubectomy?

Tubectomy (also called Salpingectomy) means cutting of the Fallopian tubes. It is one of the most commonly used family planning methods. Fallopian Tubes are 2 in number and are attached on either side of the uterus in females. The other end of each of the tubes opens into the abdomen.
When the ovum is released from the ovary, it is picked up by Fallopian tube and is transmitted to the uterus. If sperms are present in the Fallopian tubes, the ovum is fertilized and then that is embedded in the uterus. Thus, the Fallopian tubes are responsible for transmitting ova from ovaries to uterus.
In Tubectomy operation the tubes are divided by cutting the tubes so that ova are not transmitted to uterus. This is the reason that after Tubectomy, pregnancy cannot take place.

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