Painless Delivery

Many expecting mothers will like to experience a normal delivery but without the labour pain. Epidural Analgesia is the most common method of Painless Delivery. Our team of skilled gynaecologists and anaesthetists will be more than happy to administer the process and accompany you through this wonderful experience.
As and when the delivery date approaches closer, every woman becomes tremendously anxious about the way she will face the pains. But relax. Today, with the help of advanced medical science, women are fortunate that they can undergo a normal delivery but need not go through the excruciating pain. We have dedicated team of doctors (gynaecologists and anaesthetists) who have hands on executing the Painless Delivery process for you. To opt or not for this alternative, is utterly the couple’s choice. But in the end, it is a soothing experience to have a healthy and beautiful baby still without any tiring labor pains which are usually a part and parcel of a normal delivery.

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